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Forth, Bank Farm Foot O'Forth now demolished

Forth -- Foot O' aerial c2000

Forth Climpy Road Foot O' aerial c2000

Forth -- Foot O showing Bank Row c. late1890s early 1900s

Forth (Mid) Main Street -- Gala Day Parade? c1950s

Forth 14 Whittret Knowe (long since demolished) Hugh holding sister c1951

Forth, Main Street Grandmother, Annie Stark Carswell Adamson outside with Coila (dog)

Forth Aerial View (from Masonic Lodge web site) c2000

Forth Main Street c1913

Forth Church of Scotland build c1875

Forth Honey Cottages built after WWI and demolished sometime befoer I was a boy in the 2nd half of the 1940s

Forth Main Street c1915

Forth Main Street - any recognize the children?? c1930s-1940s

Forth Manse Row c1950s with the start of Dean Syke on the bottom right; Millers Burn Road and the Gospel Hall on bottom left;

Forth Ravenswood c1975

Forth School showing long since demolished enclosure wall c19??

Forth School c19??

Forth West Farm Lanark Road

Forth Main Street

Forth Main Street showing a "brownstone house" here my great grandparents lived; c1940s on it was a Ladies Hairdressing Shop & men's Barber shop

Looking south there is the Tennant family house behind which was their garage. Next is the fish and chip shop operated by Ann Aleaxander and her husband "Dick" -- by the way: they made a great fish supper!!!

Forth Bowling Green and Miners Welfare Hall (top right corner) now demolished c1950s

Forth Bowling Green c1980s

Forth Carmuir Street

Forth Dean Sykes -- do you know who the quoiters are?

Forth Dean Syke after rain!

Forth Main Street c1930s or 40s

Forth Main Street c1930s or 40s

Forth Main Street -- tap O' the Forth

The old West Calder Co-Operative shop is shown on the extreme right of the photo; on the other side is another co-op shop next to which was Mairn Boyd's sweetie shop

Forth Main Street -- know as East End Forth in earlier days

Forth Main Street looking west -- The Tinto Cinema is shown in the top right corner

The Tinto was demolished in the early 70s having served as a cinema and then a bingo hall

Forth School 1998

Forth Main Street showing the West-Calder Co-operative on the left side

Forth Main Street

Forth Main Street

Forth - Mairn Boyds sweetie shop obviously closed with Dempsters now operating as "Bobbies"

Forth Manse Road opposite the Bowling Green c 1960s

Forth Manse Road showing Dean Syke c1980s

Forth Manse Road "other side of Dean Syke" 1980s

Forth Main Street -- Masonic Lodge formerly the Armory

Forth Merlindale playing field

Forth Pavillion showing the War Memorial in front; originally the walkway was bordered, I seem to remember, witha a low red brick wall

Forth Wart Memorial WWI and WWII

Forth Climpy Road -- Porteous' Bake Hoose

Where my Grannie worked for many years rising in the early hours of the morning to bake scones (tattie, treacle and regular), pancakes and other marvellous bakeshop delicacies.

Forth School after the Tinto had been demolished

Forth School before the Tinto was built

Forth School c early 1900s

Forth School early c1900s

Forth School main entrance c1980s

Forth Climpy Road looking at the "cross"

Forth - The Millers Burn ford

As a boy I learned to swim in the pool on the bottom right -- with the closing of Dixon's pit the burn ran much lower; with the open cast mining on the moors the water flow was further reduced and looking at the burn these days its hard to imagine how anyone could (witht he help of a sod dam) have swan in it!

The Millers Burn ford

Well children still swim there as witnessed by these children in the late 1990s -- another signs of changing times is the girl on the pony -- not a sight I would have seen as a boy (if you could afford a bike you were lucky -- a pony? well that was something Roy Rodgers, Hop-A-Long Cassidy ort he Cisco Kid rode in the wild west!

Forth from the Millers Burn ford

The Forth seen from the burn road (see the ford in the bottom right corner)

Forth Wee Kirk

A largely "unknown" group in front of the Wee Kirk Forth Aunt Maisie Griffin said F1L Barbara McKendrick 2R2R Jennie McKendirck 1R1R Wullie Baird Minister Padkin 2B1R John Anderson married Porteous; DO YOU KNOW ANYONE ELSE?

White Cleugh Swimmers c1920s

White Cleugh swimmers given to me by my Aunt Jennie in Canada (she went there in 1936 and never retruned) Netta Forrester Anna Mcnaughton James Burt Lamie Donaldson and others???

Map of Forth

Forth Lanarkshire

Forth Map East/North

Forth Map West/South

Forth Brass Band CAN YOU ID anyone?

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