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Paul passed away 6 November 2001.
As a tribute and to preserve the memory of my dear friend I have "hosted" his site in mine.

As there is possibly more than one Paul on planet Earth, I should perhaps provide a tad more info so you can home in on the right one. My name is Paul M Booth and I reside - with my two cats Pugsey & Snuggley - in East Sussex, England. This is my passport photograph which may explain why I tend to have trouble getting back into the country. So why - having seen my photo - would you wish to read further? Hopefully because some of the things that interest me, may interest you. My particular interests are:-

NB. This site is very much "under development" but will give a taster of things to come. Please pop back regularly to see how it is developing. Feedback welcome.

Hope you want to race to the next page!


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