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Adamson (Carswell)-Hemus (Hill) Family Lines

LDS Personal Ancestral File

    GedHTree Family-Pedigree-Descendancy

        Ged4Web Family-Pedigree-Descendancy

            Legacy Pedigree ◄► Ancestors ◄► Family Groups  ◄► Individuals

Tall Ships -- J. S. Adamson (K. R. Adamson's site: The Tall Ships art of J. S. Adamson)


All-in-One Chart ◄► Ancestors ◄► Hourglass ◄► Kinship ◄► Marriages


Census Extracts

1841 ◄► 1851 ◄► 1861 ◄► 1871 ◄► 1881 ◄► 1891 ◄► 1901

Other Family Lines

Schladenhauffen--Beytagh  ◄► Munroop ◄► Tremblay

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Photographs: People and places ... my "next" project is to bring some order to these pictures and a great many other "yet to be scanned" ... knowing how "time-flies" I thought it better to share a few of them "as is" rather than when I can get a-round-tuit ...

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Crosby/Crosbie This wonderful "new" (but growing almost weekly) web site, is jointly managed by my cousins Marjorie Crosby Sanchez, David Crosby and myself. It contains Crosby/Crosbie family details from many parts of the world. Both Marjory and David are avid genealogists (both are life-long members of "The Church of the Latter Day Saints" (Mormon) so you know its gotta be good! ). In addition to the normal kinds of family history materials it contains a growing number of source documents (in one of GIF, PNG or PDF formats). It also contains a great many family photographs stretching back over the last 150 years. Moreover, it has a number of interesting family histories and local historical write-ups. It is currently hosted within this site but will, eventually, move to its own CrosbieFamiles.com site.

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Nelson/Neilson Another great site for information the Nelson/Nielson branch of the family. It is hosted by cousin Isobel Nelson McWatt, to whom I am indebted for opening up this side of our mutual family! Her family History Pages are on rootsweb. Another, unrelated site with a lot of great information is the Nelson/Neilson site.

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Adamson Ancestry Site

Adamson (and others) DNA Project

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"Other" Useful Genealogical Links

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(Author Unknown)

I’ve been doing family history for nearly 30 years,

Diligently tracing my illustrious forebears,

From Pigeon Lake to Peterborough, Penrith to Penzance,

My merry band of ancestors has led me quite a dance.

There’s cooks from Kent and guards from Gwent

And chimney sweeps from Chester.

There’s even one daft fisherman lived all his life in Leicester,

There’s no-one rich or famous, no not even well-to-do,

Though a second cousin twice removed once played in goal for Crewe.

I’ve haunted record offices from Gillingham to Jarrow;

the little grey cells of my mind would humble Hercule Poirot.

I’ve deciphered bad handwriting that would shame a three year old,

and brought the black sheep of the family back into the fold.

My bride of just three minutes, I left standing in the church,

as I nipped into the graveyard for a spot of quick research.

Eventually I found an uncle, sixty years deceased.

That was far more satisfying than a silly wedding feast,

After three weeks of wedded bliss, my wife became despondent

She named the public records office as the co-respondent.

I didn’t even notice when she packed her bags and went

I was looking for a great granddad’s will who’d died in Stoke-on-Trent

But now my 30 year obsession is lying in the bin

Last Tuesday week, I heard some news that made me pack it in.

It was then my darling mother, who is not long for this earth,

casually informed me they’d adopted me at birth!